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Welcome to my homepage!


I live in Australia. I was born in Hong Kong (no need for me to tell where it is, right?). I studied my master degree major in artificial intelligence and my bachelor degree in computer engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Before that, I studied in Kogarah Marist High School in Kogarah of Sydney. And before that, I studied at St. Joseph College on Hong Kong island. And I am trying to be the most optimistic and creative person in the world.


My skills are (not in quantatative or chronological order), software development, japanese, artificial intelligence, bit of cooking, highly creative, can run very fast (though this ability seems to be decreasing), good reflex.


I am an Artificial Intelligence Engineer and I work at here


I am a happy Catholic. Yeay ^_^


I play tennis once a week and I am crazy about serving and sometimes I just love to practise service by myself. It feels so good to hit the tennis ball right in the sweet spot. I read a lots of comics (Japanese). Any good recommendations? Want to discuss about comics? Com'on then. Mail me. If you dare. I have learned Taekwondo for 6 years and earned a black belt. I have some practise of chinese martial art which is my prefer fighting style of choice. Although I have some interests to investigate Jujitsu. Current I am spending significant of my time in learning piccolo. Music is so hard for the logical minded (don't ask me to prove it).


To me the most important values are (Love, Believe, Enjoy, Effort, Desire). What are your values?

Anthony Mak